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NALDIC ­- Concern at comments by Frank Field

NALDIC is gravely concerned by the comments of Frank Field, co-chair of the the Cross Party Group on Balanced Migration. Mr Field was widely quoted in the national press on 28.01.09. as saying 'In hundreds of primary schools, English is the second language for over 70 per cent or more of the pupils. How can these children be expected to integrate into our society if they are being taught in schools where English is the mother tongue of no pupils or a minority of pupils?'


This statement is at odds with our experience and the experience of members and pupils up and down the country teaching and learning EAL in multilingual settings. NALDIC has sent an open letter to the Cross Party Group and we would urge members to consider responding personally in the media in order to counter the misunderstandings evident in the statement.


Please click here to view the NALDIC response in full.

3 Feb 2009

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