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RSC - Chemists welcome PM's remarks on science

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) is delighted to hear that the Prime Minister will not allow British science to become a victim of the recession and we think that his determination to ring-fence science is far-sighted and well-judged.


Richard Porte, RSC campaigns manager, said this afternoon:


"We in chemistry are eager to play a part in keeping the UK competitive during the recession and ensuring that the country is well-placed in the front rank internationally when it is over.


"But considerable resources will be required to achieve this.


"Greater investment is required urgently to fund, fully, university science courses and to recruit and retain talented science teachers in our schools.


"Like President Obama, Mr Brown has recognised and underlined publicly the critical role that sciences will play in the coming years and we welcome the steps that both say they are taking make science central."


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24 Feb 2009

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