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HA Secondary Survey 2009

Last year many secondary teachers completed a survey on the health of history in their schools. We learned a great deal and were able to share the findings with policymakers. We hope that you have time to complete this survey. There are three important reasons why this information would be so valuable:

1. The Historical Association sometimes receives conflicting evidence about the health of history in schools. Because it is consulted frequently on matters affecting the subject, it is important that it can base its evidence and recommendations on the most comprehensive data;


2. The Historical Association wants to focus its energies and resources on the issues of greatest significance. This helps this targeting;

3. It is surprising how incomplete a picture there is about the state of history in schools. OFSTED, QCA, TDA, Awarding Bodies and others have some data but this survey is likely to provide the most complete picture.

Some of the questions may not be appropriate to everyone. Don't worry. Please complete those you can. Likewise if you would like to draw attention to other issues please feel free. We would also welcome suggestions on how the survey can be improved. The Historical Association always welcomes information about emerging issues, examples of good practice and suggestions. This survey provides a vital snapshot but we welcome contact at any time. If you would like to, please contact Flora Wilson, The Historical Association Education Manager at  

When you complete the survey you can choose to be entered into a prize draw to win £100 worth of M&S vouchers.


Click here to take survey

3 Mar 2009

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