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Who do we think we are? Week

Who do we think we are? Week  

22 – 28th June 2009 

Exploring Identity, Diversity and Citizenship 

Grants for schools: 

Grants of up to £500 are available for schools to develop activities linked to the ‘Who do we think we are? Week’ programme for 2009.  

Who do we think we are? is an annual programme of advice and curriculum support that helps schools explore the issues of identity, diversity and citizenship at the local and national scales.  It culminates in a national week of events and activities taking place in the week of 22 – 28th June.  It is supported by DCSF and run by a partnership of the following subject bodies: Association for Citizenship Teaching, Citizenship Foundation, Historical Association and the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) - alongside key stakeholders including the Schools Linking Network. 

The WDWTWA Week provides focused support through its accompanying website to support schools exploration of citizenship, identity and diversity at the local and national scales.  Our approach is to: 

Provide support for all schools, whether primary or secondary, relatively ‘mono-cultural’ or highly diverse.  

Focus on the ties that bind us together in our local communities and as a nation, rather than the differences.  

Provide support for key areas of the curriculum including citizenship, geography, history, PSHE and RE. 


Nine grants of up to £500 are being provided for schools in the lead up to WDWTWA Week in June 2009  


Applications are welcome from all maintained schools.  We particularly welcome applications that: 

Involve a number of schools working together – be it cross phase and/or linking up with other schools in the same region. 

Promote connections between young people and other members of their local community. 

Have outcomes which can support a school’s work in this area during the future. 

And that promote the involvement of all children and young people in the exploration of identity, diversity and citizenship. 


Grants may be used for any reasonable costs towards the development of WDWTWA activities, for example (but not limited to): 

Venue, catering and other event costs 




Applications should be no longer than 1 side of A4 and should answer the following questions: 

1. Which schools are involved? 

2. How many pupils will be involved? 

3. What do you plan to do? 

4. How will you spend the grant? 

5. What do you hope to achieve? 

Please email your application to Harpreet Sanghera WDWTWA Project Officer  


Applications must be received by 11th May.  

 The successful applicants will be notified by 15th May. 


Schools who receive a WDWTWA grant will be asked to provide a short report (300 words) and any relevant case study materials that document their event and agree for details of their activities to be used on and associated press activities.  The decision of the WDWTWA management board will be final in respect to the allocation of grants.

29 Apr 2009

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