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Author/s Required – Key Stage 2 Reasoning Workbooks


The series
A long-established educational publisher is looking to commission a series of graded workbooks containing reasoning activities for Key Stage 2, probably arranged by question type. These will need to include, probably in separate books, both verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions. The books will be A4 40pp or 48pp in length. They will include some guidance and support for the student – preferably included on the page, but possibly in a separate teacher’s book – and this guidance will be a key distinguishing feature of the series. Providing sufficient questions for intensive quick-fire practice in different question types, the books will  aim to help children to develop their reasoning skills step by step. The publisher does not want 11-plus type practice papers as there are already many of these on the market. However, the books will help students to prepare for the 11-plus and also for common entrance exams – and to develop reasoning skills that will be useful to them in all aspects of life and learning. The publisher’s style is for serious, traditional and sound materials that encourage children to work hard and therefore a ‘ jokey’ style will not be appropriate in this instance. Whilst it might be helpful to include some suggestions for working with more- or less-able children, the main focus needs to be on activities of a difficulty level that will suit the average child.  
The author/s
Standardised questions are not required, and this job would therefore suit a teacher or a couple of teachers working independently – with no need for the back-up of a formal test development team (though proposals are equally welcome from educational psychologists with teaching experience and a special interest in this subject area). Previous writing experience would be an advantage but is certainly not essential. Payment would be on an advance-plus-royalty basis; this publisher is extremely successful at selling workbooks both in schools and in the retail market, so there is potential for healthy returns. The first step would be for a prospective author to write an informal proposal outlining  his or her ideas for the series – ideally following the structure above, but there is plenty of scope for flexibility if the author has other ideas that are workable. The company can also be flexible on timing and will to some extent be able to work around an author’s existing commitments, though a firm delivery date will need to be set once the contract is finalised.  
If you are interested in putting forward a proposal for this series, please contact Carolyn Richardson on

9 Jul 2009

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