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School Systems and Teacher Training across the EU

School Systems and Teacher Training across the EU

EU Comenius Project in Music Education

Subject associations may be interested in this project as an approach that might be used in their own subject area.  The whole project called meNET (Music Education Network) undertook several tasks to map music education in the school systems and Music teacher training across Europe (20 countries) - and developing Learning Outcomes was a specific task instigated by the need for a response to the Bologna process.  The final products of the whole project are available at

This document speaks for itself and the text before and after the actual statements makes clear that this is not to be imposed or prescribed but is a starting point for discussion within individual institutions or groups of institutions to consider, when developing or revising their training programmes.  Some sections of the report (sections B and C) may be useful in other subject  and are concerned with more general and generic competences.

The report is relevant to all contexts for ITE in Music but would also offer quite a strong view of what European music teacher education should/could aspire to and may have indicators for other subjects.


4 Aug 2009

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