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New-look National Curriculum website goes live

This week sees the launch of the National Curriculum website, which now includes the new primary curriculum and a range of tools and information to support it, including:

  • an interactive video tour of the site's highlights

  • a short introductory guide to the new primary curriculum

  • a tool to help teachers design and plan their own curriculum

  • an interactive tool which allows teachers to view selected curriculum areas side-by-side

  • new case studies which show how schools have used their curriculum to make real improvements in outcomes for their learners

The website is a big step forward in making the new primary curriculum come to life for headteachers and the school workforce, and makes the curriculum easily accessible for all. Schools and teachers now have the information and support to start planning for the introduction of this new curriculum. We will be adding more material to the site during 2010, including professional development materials, guidance and enhanced online tools.

The secondary part of the website now includes a section on evaluating your curriculum, more information on curriculum design and improved links from subject areas.

We have worked with heads and teachers and with accessibility experts to help ensure that the website is useful, intuitive to use, and more accessible for disabled users.

Alongside web-based resources, QCDA has produced a new primary handbook and introductory guidance, which are being sent to all schools and local authorities during February.
 A team of regional primary curriculum network advisers will be working with local authorities to support the development of local programmes of support and identify and disseminate good practice.

I suggest you first take the 
curriculum tour for a succinct overview of the primary curriculum, and to learn more about the new features on the website.

We are keen to hear from users to help us continue improving the website. So if you would like to leave feedback or work with us to showcase how your school is using these materials, then please contact us on

2 Feb 2010

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