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Cambridge Primary Review - update

The GTCE hosted an invitational seminar for the Cambridge Primary Review on 1 April at which a draft set of post-election policy priorities for primary education were proposed.  The priorities have now been firmed up in light of these discussions and are presented in the attached briefing paper (released on 27th April 2010).  The briefing paper was sent to party leaders, their education spokespersons and a large number of education organisations and stakeholders, both official and independent. 

You will note that the preamble to the list of priorities addresses the question that we discussed at the end of the seminar.  That is, given that one of the top priorities is to re-empower teachers and re-balance the relationship between government and schools, how do we present the list in a way which doesn't imply that reform remains a matter for government alone? 

27 Apr 2010

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